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Are promotional products effective? You might be surprised!

Based on a survey from the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) in 2008, promotional products are a pretty good idea. The following results explain promotional products in terms of instant recall, effectiveness, usefulness, lifespan,  cost per impression, and alternatives.




Instant Recall:

84% of respondents remember advertisers on the promotional product item they received

24% would more likely to do business with that advertiser following receipt of that promotional product item


Very Impressionable:

42% had a more favorable impression of the advertiser after receiving the promotional product item

24% were more likely to do business with the advertiser after receiving the promotional product item


It’s All Business:

62% of respondents have done business with the advertiser following receipt of the promotional product item


User Friendly:

81% of promotional product items were kept because of usefulness


Staying Power:

75% of respondents retained the promotional product item for more than six (6) months



Used most frequently – average of nine times per month, resulting in monthly average impressions of 1,038


Where Promotional Products are Kept:

56% Home                          28% Office


Length of Time Kept:

81% of respondents indicated they kept promotional product items less than a year


More Likely to do Business:

24% of respondents indicated that they would significantly do more business in the future

74% of respondents indicate that they foresaw no change in current level of business with the advertiser


Actions After Receiving and Do Not Plan to Keep:

51% of respondents gave the promotional product item to someone else

29% of respondents threw away the promotional product item

20% of respondents filed the promotional product item


Promotional Product Items Currently Still in Possession:

Average among respondents was 9.8 promotional product items


Promotional Products Cost Per Impression:

Average cost of promotional product impressions – $0.004


Average Impression Cost of Other Advertising Media/Vehicles:

Prime Time (TV) * – $0.019 (5 times as costly versus promotional products)

Syndicated (TV)* – $0.006

Cable TV* – $0.007

National Magazines* – $0.033

Spot Radio* – $0.005

Newspaper** (1/2 page BW) – $0.019

Billboard** – City/National – $0.003


*Nielsen Co. 2008

** Los Angeles Mobile

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