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Eco Friendly Bags – Jute Panel Pocket Tote

Sweda TB7300

Sweda has just released a number of new items that we will feature for the next few weeks.  This is one of the most fun styles that still echos a natural, earth friendly look.  Jute Bags are biodegradable, natural, re-useable, sturdy and contemporary.  While catalog pricing starts at $8.99 at 100 pieces to $5.99 for 1000 pieces, we are offering a special for the month of August 2008…. $5.50 each with a 100 piece order.  The TB7003 is an all around unique bag that comes in numerous colors, including lime green or pistachio, brown, orange wine and blue.  There is a functional wood button to close the bag and comfortable rope handles.  The overall size is 13 3/4″ tall, 17 3/4″ wide and 5 1/2″ deep.

Another style that has the same look is the Daily Messenger Bag, Item # TB7004.  The unique spin on this is that the it is made from organically grown cotton.

Available in ivory/brown, red, orange or lime green.  This is perfect for travel and is even comfortable for men.  Price range is more in the $8 range, depending on quantity.

When looking for unique, eco friendly ideas contact us at or go to  We will send free samples to qualified buyers.  For immediate assistance call 800-350-1796 x101


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