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Direct Mail Food Gifts

We recently attended the ASI promotional show in Chicago. While there were a number of new ideas, my favorite revolved around cookies. With a starting price point in the $7 price range, these cute containers can can fill needs up to $50. 

Chunky Mail

A full array of these capabilities can be found here.

Here are just a few ways the program can work.

Order a quantity in advance(32 minimum) and ship out 1 at a time, as needed for:
Referral Gifts, Thank You Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Years of Service Anniversary.

In fact, each container can not only be personalized for the recipient, you could actually include their photograph!!!

Cookie Bank
Does your company have a special mission or cause? Send these out to your donors with the bank slot, asking them to have a goal of turning the bank in with $XXX.XX being the dollar goal donation.



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