Digital Rewards

Have you ever decided to reward your clients, prospects, employees, new recruits or maybe a new customer? After you figured in the cost of the product, how much it costs to ship the product and the labor associated to the total promotion you said “to heck with that!!!”

How often have you handed out 10,000 pens or magnets with your name and phone number on it hoping that you would get the phone to ring?  While these products are useful in many situations, they still don’t end up giving you a list of your clients that have shown an interest in your offering.

Wecome to PG Digital Soulutions.


PG Digital Solutions gives you a number of different rewards to offer participants all using PIN numbers that can be delivered through email, hand out card or even directly printed on to your product.

Here is one of our best case histories.  A Midwest bank was looking for ways to increase their deposits through opening new accounts.  This institution has 35 locations.  Each location received 5000 music download cards to hand out at college age oriented events.  You see, the average length of time that a new depositor stays with a bank is 10 years.  During this time span, young adults start earning more, they buy homes that require mortgages, they deposit more, etc.

Prior to the promotion starting, we designed an online splash page that required the card holder to complete certain information that the client was hoping to get.  After the promotion period, a full report including 11,000 email and IP addresses were all available online for the client to download and begin an email campaign offering a free pizza or 5 additional music downloads once they opened an account.


The total promotion increased deposits for the same period last year by over 12%.

Our programs start with as few as 500 cards/PIN numbers with costs as low as $1 each.  Online interface and development is an additional $495.

For a full presentation on how digital promotions can help grow your business, contact your PG sales associate.

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