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Customized USB Drives – Custom USB People

One of the most popular and creative ideas we’ve seen are the USB People Jump Drives.  While there are numerous stock shapes that you can take advantage of, customization is the way to go to get the full effect.

While the minimum quantity is generally 100 for limited customization, and 250 for completely custom drives, we have a variety of standard styles with a minimum quantity of only 50!

Here are the styles with a 50 piece minimum:

Fully Custom Options:

USB Drives are one of the most eco-friendly products out there.  Sure they are also available in bamboo and different wood and recycled plastics, but when you can tell your story without printing out 50 pages of text, you are helping to save the planet.  OK… Maybe that’s a bit extreme.

Since posting this back in 2008, there have been multiple upgrades and a continued morphing of the USB people. Here are a few more examples…

Various Shapes & Sizes

Rounded head


PVC molded rubber


And yet another upgrade is the Terminator USB Drive.  Made up of total metal alloy (Be sure to use Arnold’s accent when saying it).


We have also found new imprint techniques that allow for overall imprints that wrap around the jump drive.


To give you a rough idea on pricing (I get 3 price requests a day), you probably ask yourself, why can’t I find a solid price for these darn things online? The answer is this… Memory is traded like a commodity. With major players like Apple and Blackberry using more and more memory in their phones, the price fluctuates on a weekly, if not daily range.  I have seen the prices go up and go down so don’t assume that if you wait, your price will get cheaper.

What will they come up with next?  USB Memory drives are so small, they can be incorporated into just about anything.  I have seen stuffed animals, laser pointers, pens and even both.

When you want to work with a professional who knows the most about USB drives and the creative ways you can increase your brand awareness, make sure to email Professional Gifting.

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