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Woven Label vs. Embroidery

Over the years, I have had a number of clients that have invested heavily on designing a unique custom logo that might have a lot of detail in it.  In most cases, we need to recommend changing the artwork around or editing the copy. More recently, we have started using a process that is a combination of a woven label that is embroidered on to the garment. As you can see, this allows for awesome detail. Notice the difference between where it says “Premium Beer”.

You can even shrink the graphic and maintain higher detail. Here is an idea of how it is priced out. There is an initial minimum investment of 300 woven labels at $2 each, based on a 3 color graphic. While the price to apply the label is $3 each, the minimum garment release is only 6 units. This release can be combined with almost any garment!!!  Jackets, fleece, polo’s, dress shirts, etc. Hats need to stay in 6 unit increments. The bottom line is that you get a great corporate look at the same price. Yet another option that we are doing more and more of are PVC Labels and patches. PVC almost gives your product more of a retail look.  Just like woven labels, they can be bought in bulk and then added to almost any item.

If you are launching a new brand or re-branding your company. Consider using this service for the ultimate in a professional look. Also remember that if you are looking to resell the product you are creating, the quality of the shirt is important, but most of the decision is geared toward the custom artwork. While you may always be looking for the best price, working with multiple suppliers will diminish the consistency in the garments you create. Here is another example we’ve recently done. The beauty of this type of decoration is that once we have inventory of the labels, we can do virtually any embroider-able item with these high detail patches. When needed, in as few as 1 unit. Alternative to embroidery Custom Woven Label Embroidery While there are some limitations to what apparel we are able to use, we still offer a full line of high quality apparel. Contact your Professional Gifting sales consultant for the latest information on trends in the logo apparel industry. We are your trusted source for creative ideas and logo apparel.

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