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Custom USB Drives

High-tech promotional items have become increasingly popular in the business world today. Just about everyone carries some type of electronic or high-tech accessory with them at all times and your logo or brand should be on it! One category stands out from the rest though… Custom USB Drives. 

Companies understand their are a multitude of benefits involved with portable data and they come to us for a variety of reasons. But first, lets take a look at the benefits of logo USB’s.  

Portable, Durable & Flexible

Custom USB Drives are a secure, portable way to store and transport various forms of information. They’re small, light weight and compact compared to other portable storage devices and their impervious to scratches and dust. USB’s are flexible in the sense that they are typically compatible with desktops, laptops and various operating systems. And they are available in multiple storage capacities. No matter what the size, they’re small enough to mail and easily distributed. 


Custom USB Drives are perfect when you want to store product information, important documents & files, lengthy data, or even music, photos and other media. Use them to upload presentations in order to increase attention at speeches and meetings. This way your audience won’t be writing down notes instead of listening to your message. 


Relevant & Practical

Custom USB Drives are valuable pieces of technology which are sure to be appreciated by a fairly broad target audience. They’re relevant to the times and, considering a large portion of our population owns a computer, they’re extremely practical and useful advertising vehicles. Not only that, but they’re effective and memorable. Flash drives are continually improving in size and price per capacity every day. And since they save paper and use little power, they’ve got eco-friendly written all over them. 


Affordable & Customizable

Custom USB Drives are easily fit to any specific project or budget. Need to distribute multiple files and training materials to new employees? Opt for an 8G or 16G. Just looking to get people to your website? Ask about our web keys under $5. Standard styles of flash drives can include custom usb pens, custom usb people, custom usb shapes, custom usb lanyards, custom usb wristbands, custom usb key chains, custom usb credit cards, etc. They can be made out of plastic, metal, wood, leather, or custom molded with PVC. You can print on them, engrave them, personalize them, use a full color epoxy dome, and packaging options are endless. 


Free Rush Service & 1 Piece Minimums Available

Even during Chinese New Year, we always have drives in stock. If you order one of our standard drives today, and do not need a proof, we can ship your order within one business day!* If you do request a proof, we can ship within a week. And if you decide to order one of our custom molded USB drives, or some of our custom USB people, we can typically ship them out within 10-15 business days.
We also have one piece minimums available with free setups and free engraved personalizations. They’re available with as little as 128MB of memory and prices as low as $7 (please confirm*). Choose from swivel drives, thumb drives, swing drives, key drives, or even wooden and lanyard styles. And you can also take advantage of one piece minimums on custom iPhone cases, custom iPad cases, custom Blackberry cases, custom mousepads, and custom portable hard drives. 

Suggestions for use:

– Presentation Reminders
– Summarize Meetings
– Promote Customer Retention
– Employee Training
– Distribute Catalogs & Product Information
– Demonstrate Commitment to Clients, Employees or Partners
– Tradeshow & Convention Giveaway
– Brand or Product Promotion
– Corporate Gifts
– Express Appreciation
– Improve Brand Recall
– Marketing & Advertising
– Retail Merchandise
– Distribution of books, reports or reference guides
– Educate prospects

In order to stand apart from competition, companies have been spending more money on marketing campaigns in order to increase brand awareness and drive sales. They begin working with companies like us in order to streamline purchasing and lower costs.  Partnering with a single distributor for logo apparel, meeting supplies, gifts, incentives, awards, giveaways, direct mail, signage, etc. is a great way to increase the value of your brand. It will protect your brand from exposure, ensure brand uniformity across all mediums, and it will ultimately save the company time and money that would have been wasted on sourcing, processing and distribution.

When you want to work with a professional who knows the most about USB drives and the creative ways you can increase your brand awareness, make sure to email Professional Gifting.

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