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Custom Uniform Programs

Custom Uniform Programs are a great way to give your company an iconic look without spending huge dollars. When I use the word custom, I’m not talking about a stock shirt that we sew a logo onto.  I am referring to shirts that are custom built, using your colors, different fabrics and in some cases,  custom fit and cut for your specific user.  Minimum orders start at 50 units and with this specific shirt, you can get up to 10,000 stitches of embroidery on 3 different locations.  While this shirt would be close to $40 if produced in the states, our prices fall in the $25 range. Cellucor_062414_FSP200-03_MnPolo-1 Cellucor_062414_FSP850-02_MnPolo-3 Cellucor hat Design Options Cellucor_051914_HT-2 Cellucor_051914_HT-4

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