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It would only seem appropriate to start this discussion with packaging.  Sure there are tons of gift ideas out there, but almost everything needs to be packaged.  Why consider tins?   A phrase that will be used frequently is the term “High Perceived Value”.  When an item is packaged professionally, there is a higher satisfaction level for the gift recipient.  Not only does it look nicer, but people will want to keep tin packaging.  They might use it for coins, jewelry or numerous other holders.


Many product sell because of tin packaging.  Look at all of the mints available in retail where tins are used.  I would say the grand daddy of them all would be Altoids?  Below are a few additional examples where customized tins have dominated the mint field.  They even make displays specifically to carry tins at retail.  tins2.giftins5.gif

In fact, there is a whole retail line of mints that are graphically designed for each state in the country.  In many cases for the more famous cities as well.  OK… Enough with mints.  Tins are great packaging for liqour bottles or perfume bottles, CD’s and DVD’s, watches, pens, etc.  Foam inserts can be designed specifically for your product as well.

We have looked at how tins act as packaging for lower end sales, how does tin packaging effect nicer gifts.  One of our sponsors, offers a leather portfolio that carries a full assortment of product from Canyon Outback.  These products range from Leather Briefcases to Jackets to Wallets.  Below you will find a few of the rustic style packaging that they have developed.

These products have a customized leather patch applied to the cover for customization. In many cases, when someone gives you a very nice piece of luggage, a wallet or a briefcase, some consider it “TACKY” to put a logo on the item itself.  In most cases, you will always look more classy by logoing the packaging instead of the item itself.  If you are not going to logo your item, you can order as few as one piece.

Lets take a minute to discuss the best way to buy these types of products.  Clearly if you are looking to do hundreds of thousands of these tins, you may want to form a relationship with a direct importer.  Unless you already have relationships over seas, you will want to find a someone thyat is available during your business hours and that has the ability to communicate with an interpreter.  If this process sounds to difficult, we have importers that we work with that we would put you in direct contact with.  Another source that is getting a whole lot of attention lately is  Here you can sign up and find overseas companies to bid on your business.  But remember…. Their understanding of the english language is not crystal clear to say the least.  If you are looking to do smaller quantities starting at 50 pieces or more, it makes no sense to go overseas.  I would recommend contacting us for catalogs and samples.

Should you have an interest in either of these types of packaging, or if you would like to design a totally custom packaging project, contact our sales professionals at

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