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Custom Tap Handles

During 2011 Professional Gifting developed a proprietary design that we call MagnaTap. These are totally custom made tap handles that offer an interchangeable, high quality acrylic magnet. The beauty of these are that the magnets are when a brewery rolls out a new beer, there is no need to create a new tap handle. You simply change out the magnet.

We designed this product two different ways. The Triton Tap is designed with only 1 magnet cavity. This can keep your total cost down, but for taps that are mounted on the bar the magnet is not visible to the bar tender. We typically use a removable label. Further down the the head is our Flat 12 tap handle. This has a cavity on the front and the back.

Pricing on these can be as low as $18 each in larger quantities. An absolute minimum order is 100 units.

Along with custom tap markers, we are probably the best price on Custom Beer Coasters, Custom Keg Collars, Beer filled USB’s, Decals, buttons, matches, pint glasses and growlers. What you will find by working with us is that we bring ideas to you. Our goal is to grow your business and make your brand stand out. For more information on what we can do for your brand, give us a call or drop us and email.