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Custom Stylus Pen is the Newest Gadget

With all of the smart phones and tablets around, a whole bunch of new tablet accessories have emerged.  Most particularly, the custom pen stylus.

In my preliminary search, I found a number of these that started in the $2 price range.  And in large quantities, you can easily find them for under $1.  This particular style comes in under $1 each with a minimum order of 500 units.

As these become more common, I recently found this metal barrel pen stylus that comes in purple, green, black, blue and red. great price under $2 as well.

We also found this design of stylus from one of our favorite overseas connections.  Typically sold in the USA for $4 and higher, our sources can offer them as low as $1.50 each at 5000 units and $2.50 each at 500 units.

We have also found a small custom stylus that plugs into your cell or mobile devise. I like these in particular for anyone that is wearing gloves or is working in a clean environment.  Depending on quantity, these can get as low as $.95 each.

Additional stylus options can be found below

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 5
Option 6

Regardless of your budget, next time you have a custom project that you need to get done right, contact your Professional Gifting sales associate.

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