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Custom Scratch off Cards – Review

Everytime you participate in a trade show, there are a number of expenses.  One of our customers asked the question…  How can I get booth attendees to show a little bit more interest while they are at my booth and save a few dollars?  Here is what we came up with.


First, we designed 5000 scratch off cards.  4750 of the cards had an inexpensive gift item that the attendee received for filling out their contact information, specifically their e-mail address.   240 of the attendees received a jump drive that was pre-loaded with the clients website.  As soon as you plugged in the jump drive, a browser would open and take you straight to their web page. The remaining 10 people were awarded an IPOD that also had pre-loaded information on it.

The end result was that more people were interested in the possibility of winning an IPOD and more e-mail addresses were collected than any other event held in the past.  The budget was reduced by 16%.  For creative ways to grow your business through the use of promotional products, e-mail


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