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Custom Scout Bags

Scout bags are one of the latest styles that you are starting to see in retail. Price on this brand ranges from $25 to $60.  We are finding that while they are more expensive, the overall design and perceived value is on the top of most designer womens list of core accessories.

For many of our customers, we will simply add a client branded luggage tag to the item.

I find bags are similar to tee shirts, in that 70% of the decision to buy a tee shirt is based on the art or graphics. 20% is based on quality and 10% is based on price. They really do offer a number of options.

If you are looking for something similar, except at a lower price, you might consider the Key West line of bags.

With pricing falling ion the $30 range, with your logo embroidered on it, this makes for the next best substitute for Scout.

Do you have a project coming up where you need a tote bag? Be sure to contact your Professional Gifting associate for additional information.

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