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Custom Penny Trays

What is one of the best ways to remind your client about your product before they check out at the register?  Why not give them a penny?  After all of the research we have done on Point of Sale (POS) displays, this is probably the most cost effective way to get your piece of sales counter real estate while your clients wallet is wide open.

Lets first talk about the shape.  Virtually any custom shape can be created.  This actual sample really has the texture and feel of a lemon. Even the shading is authentic.  While this most likely the coolest penny tray you have ever seen, what types of things could be done to make it more interactive?  How about if a slot would have been placed on top to also hold a pen?  Or mount a retractable cord to hold the pen.  Instead of a pen, what if there was a lottery ticket scratcher?  What if we included a scented formula into the mold so it would have drawn peoples nose to the display?  Would it make sense to add a sound chip so that when someone took a penny, a sales pitch would be delivered?

The only negative on this particular item is that you will need to do at least 2500 pieces and the delivery time is 90-120 days, to do it right.  OK… So what are the other options?  There are a couple of standard size trays available with a relatively low minimum order of 100 pieces.  Which piece draws your attention more?

These are just one of the creative ideas that we develop to help our clients grow their business every day.  The next time you need a creative idea that will literally make you money, give us a call at 800-350-1796 x101.  It will be the best investment of time you have ever made.

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