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Custom Motorized Cooler

One of the latest tools of the ultimate tailgater is the Cruzin Cooler, brought to you by Professional Gifting. This is without a doubt the hottest dealer loader produced.


Featured on the Ellen show, this unit was custom built especially for her.  Other famous riders include Jay Leno, Montel Williams and even Hugh Hefner!!! While total customization is an option, not many people will shell out the $5000+ price for this beauty.


Pricing for the most modest powered unit starts at $399 per each.  There may be discounts available after 6 pieces, depending on how you want the scooler (not a typ-o) decorated. This model boasts a 4 hour charge (drive time) and up to 13 MPH. It will also hold a case of your favorite beverage… with ice!!! The top of the line unit starts at $799 for your 1 piece order. The overall weight ranges from 60 to 90 pounds. Add your own custom decal ($50 upcharge) and you will be sporting along nicely.

But how are you really going to stand out? The only thing that limits your ability to customize is your imagination and your wallet. You might even want to customize the event with your own personalized Energy Drinks.


They even make a non motorized trailer that can be tricked out.

These can also be purchased through Cooler Scooter, American Tailgater, Kegerator or Cooler Stores. If you are just looking for one piece you may want to use these sources. But if you are a corporate buyer, we are able to deliver the most comprehensive promotional services available. Our product selection and  creative gift packaging  provides the most bang for your promotional dollar.

The next time you need an idea that has the WOW FACTOR attached to it, be sure you call your PGI sales representitive.