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Custom Ice Tub Review

There are a number of ice tubs to chose from as you can see below.  We offer vinyl and galvanized tubs, acrylic and nylon tubs, in and copper tubs.


I would guess that the largest item with the most signage, for use at the beach or concerts would be the one shown below.

The 84 Gallon roller is another item that can be customized in 4 color process with a decal.  Small quantity pricing is $249, plus setup charges.

After using the large volume pieces, the next option for inside the bar are the galvanized pails.  There are a number of specials that can revolve around them ranging from 5/7 pail deals to bring a pail home.  These have a high percieved value as a collectable.

For samples on any of these items, please forward us a shipper number.  Samples are memo billed with a 30 day return policy.  We can not guarantee what logos will appear on random samples.

Regarding the prices, these are all retail prices and your price could be as much as 25% less depending on total order quantity and artwork requirements.

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