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Custom Sewn Bags and Coin Purses

With a number of our clients being in the textile industry, we came up with a few ideas on how we could not only feature their product, but also co-brand it in a subtle, classy way.

By using one of our suppliers for rubber labels and another supplier for our sewing, we are bale to assemble these unique bags in the $3 to $6 range, including the cost of the label.

The coin purses are a particularly strong item, as more and more cars are using keyless entry.  They are a great spot to keep your fob, coins, keys, etc.  Each of these pieces were logo’d with both the fabric manufacturer name, which motivated them to donate the fabric and the furniture company name, which motivated them to purchase the labels and assembly.

Custom Fabric Bank Bags

Custom Bag Manufacturer

There are numerous cases where it just makes sense to co-op your promotional items with one of your suppliers.  Logo apparel is another perfect item for this.  Do you get rebate dollars from your suppliers?  Co-op opportunities like this on promotional products are a perfect tool to cut your advertising costs.

For more examples contact Ken Reinstrom at 800-350-1796.