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Custom Grocery Lane Dividers

There are a number of things to consider when ordering these. First thing is quantity. If you are looking for under 1000 pieces, the item below is your best bet. These are going to fall in the $2.50 Р$3.50 price range. The biggest benefit is that they fit in the side slots of most grocery conveyor setups and are made in the USA. The printing is also an insert that slides into the cube like tube, so it does not get scratched up.

Grocery Lane Divider

The next option is to do larger quantities. In some cases we are able to make them in the USA, but we also do them overseas. At the end of the day, these put up with a lot of wear and tear. The sample below is first printed, then folded, so the decoration does not get damaged. The image with the ruler can be printed on the exterior. The other thing to consider on the triangular dividers is… Do we need to be concerned with dirt or trash getting into the ends?

Custom Grocery Lane Divider

Triangle Grocery Lane Divider

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