New Ideas

Custom Face Masks

Every time I go to a promo show, I find the craziest new ideas. Here is one of my favorites… FULL FACE CUSTOM MASK’S!!!

There are so many different uses for these. Here are a few.

Sporting Events, Retirement, Weddings, Movie Premiers, Product Launches, Political Campaigns, Parties, Pub Crawls, Grand Openings or for the next time you plan on roasting a close friend.

Minimum order is only 25 units and they are around $12 each, once you include the setup charge. At 100 the price comes down under $8. There is even a stock design for eye glasses that fall in the $4 range.

I was shocked to see how easy it was to see through the mask and my wife thought I looked really creepy as Obama. Certainly not the face I wanted to put on. For samples, send us an email with your contact information and a shipper number. One more thing… They are made in the USA.