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Custom Energy Drinks

Before you get into the meat and potatoes in this post, the first  thing you need to know is that there are 3 companies that provide these types of drinks. The 2 others that you will find in your search will over promise and under deliver. Our prices are a little higher, but you will ALWAYS be able to get in touch with us and we will keep you informed all the way through the delivery process. Our best customers receive free samples and unique ideas on how to grow their energy drinks sales.

The latest craze in logo beverages seems to be our custom Jones Soda bottles. While they are one of our hot products, they can’t seem to stay ahead of our Custom Energy Drinks!!! Have you found a number of sources that claim to have the best price and service? Call us right now at 800.350.1796 or 317.257.3466 and we will help you wrap up your project in 15 minutes. Here is a project we just completed for The Dallas Mavericks.

We offer full wraps of 4 color process labels and you can order as few as 1 case (24 cans)! They are extremely vivid and actually pretty tasty. Furthermore, we offer them both with sugar or sugar free. Custom formulation is available once you get to 30,000 cans. Pricing can get as low as $1 per can.


There are 1000’s of new energy brands popping up every day. Businessweek has a great article about their popularity. People are finding all kinds of ways to grab market share.Here are the top 10 reasons that you might want to use these in your next promotion.

  1. When you are having a long meeting where you need to have a high energy environment.
  2. When you have an early morning event with young adults.
  3. When you want to mix your beverage without promoting a better known brand.
  4. To promote your brand and the local establishment that you distribute through.
  5. Use them at recruiting events.  Hand one out when contact information is received.
  6. Hand these out as anyone leave a large party where liquor is served or when its late.
  7. For high school and college graduation events.
  8. For any sporting event promotion.
  9. Include in a welcome gift bag for travelers arriving to their destination.
  10. With low minimum orders, create your own brand and serve it to your friends.
  11. Professional teams may want to design a can for each player.



With the popularity of Monster energy drink, Red Bull, Rockstar energy drink and full throttle energy drink, why not create your own brand?  The process is all pretty simple, but the best results will come if you have a great 4 color process design.  Otherwise our artists will give you a few great options.

What target market are you looking to approach. Did you know that most fraternities buy 3-5 cases of Red Bull every week? Most people believe that energy drinks are loaded with caffine and sugar, but that is not true in all cases. Companies are formulating drinks that are actually healthy for you.  Such is the case with FRS, a brand that has stepped up to the plate and hired a pretty well known pitch man.


What is the next wave of Energy drink? Custom Formulation. Our scientists have the capability of custom formulating your beverage if you feel that is important. If not, why not just create a brand name, much like Tonino Lamborghini has done and start your own brand with an existing formulation? Are you looking to be a beverage industry mogul? In all reality, you could spend under $1000 to put together artwork and have 400 cans of product to start promoting. Spend $10,000 for branding and another $10,000 for SEO marketing and a mail program and you could probably come close to something similar to the TL brand image. If you want to do it right, we use the same consultants that the best known brands use.You could choose to use a company like XBrand Fluids, but their product selection is a dozen pieces or so.  We offer hundreds of thousands of additional logo’d items to enhance your promotion.


 In regards to pricing, our smallest quantity is 1 case and pricing can be found here. But make sure to ask us first… you might just get a discount.

Our wholesale energy drinks division can get the price as low as $(call for pricing) per case (640 cases) while using printed sleeves and closer to $(call for pricing) per case (6000 cases) when doing a direct print on the cans. Are you ready to promote your new brand? Do you feel that you have a number of prospects that you could sell this product to in bulk? Give us a call to discuss our affiliate program. Unique branding ideas are what make us the best choice as your business partner.

When it comes time to make a decision on who to use, our main competitor is cheaper, but less reliable. What does that mean to you??? Maybe your job. You will have our personal cell number to help manage any issues and our promise to treat you like you would like to be treated. Our heat shrink labels go from lip to lip. We offer the others as well, but these are the ones you want.

We also get a number of requests from Canada and outside of the USA. In most cases we can ship to you, but you must provide your shipper number in order for it to go smoothly through customs. They will be categorized as promotional materials.

We are also a large supplier for Custom Energy Shots.

Here are some examples of our completed projects:


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