New Ideas

Custom Blueprint Cases

In working with a number of architectural and design firms, we have noticed an up-tick in designing and customizing blueprint cases. We are offering a number of programs that help build loyalty with your end customer.

There are a number of approaches you can take to make this a valuable item.

  • Include just your logo to reaffirm your commitment to service in your market. None of your competitors will do this.
  • Along with your logo, partner with your key suppliers such as window, landscape, concrete, swiming pool or plumbing supply manufacturers.
  • Use your logo, as well as the individual clients name.

These plans will be left out for months and will be viewed by many people as the end user makes changes to drawings and shares them with friends and relatives.

Pricing varies from $35 to $50+, depending on quantity, size, print or embroidery and delivery time. We will even keep them in stock for you and drop ship as you need them with individual personalizations. Contact your Professional Gifting sales associate for additional information.