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Custom Beer Growlers

This is the most exciting thing to happen to growlers in the USA. Plastic Growlers. Available in minimum orders of 432 units. Price blank is $1.75 each. They come packed 36 to a case and each case weighs 11 pounds. If you are interested in smaller quantities, 36 units will be the minimum order and orders will be placed once 576 units. Price is $2.25 for exact reorders each plus shipping. In higher quantities, price is as low as $1.25 each. We have been recommending a number of different print options. Shown below is the double dome decal. Available in a number of different sizes, including custom shapes, these are ideal for also branding your check covers or almost any other form of swag that is too costly to place bulk orders for. Samples are limited and the price is $20 each, which includes a cap and shipping to the USA only. Click here for international custom growler information. Contact us for additional information.

Receive a free custom logo jacket with any first time order of 576 units.Plastic Growlers

We have been doing direct screen printing with a minimum order of 432 units and we’ve also done them with customer applied decals.

Custom Plastic GrowlersCustom Plastic Growlers

With the evolution of beer breweries across America, comes a new beverage container that has become a staple product… The Beer Growler.

Plastic Growlers


The big question most of our customers ask is… Where can we get them? Why are they so hard to find? Well the truth is that you can find them pretty easily in small quantities at places like KegWorks or KegKits.com. What you will most likely find is minimal stock availability.

If you are looking for growlers for your brewery, we offer a number of different selections.  First and foremost, we have been doing the basic brown growler utilizing a wrap imprint. This allows the bottle to be printed with one pass. Unfortunately it only works using a 1 color print. Prices vary depending on quantity and for some of our breweries that order by the pallet, our prices can go as low as $2.50 each. Add plastisol seals for freshness for $.20 each. You will note that the box on the front is a write on space, so that different batches of brew can use the same bottle.

The next level of growler are the European style. Once again, we can decorate these a number of ways. The image below is sand blasted and color filled.

We can do as few as 10 of these blank and 40 with a decoration at one time, but the price falls in the $50 range, plus setup. Another method that we have been doing is placing a poly-dome decal on them. This allows very small quantities but requires at least 100 decals. These can be used on multiple products. This only includes a front logo and does not get the required warning label on the back. Which moves us to the next option. Provided that you do at least 100 units,you can screen print the front, screen print warning info on the back and that gets your price in the range of $25 for long term customers to $30 for 1 time orders. There are $125 in setup charges. Availability is sometimes tough, for a few reasons. First of all, the design has a number of patents that are strictly enforced. This is also why you can’t find them being knocked off from some factory in China.

Next, they are made in Germany. For those of you that don’t know Germans, they remind me a lot of Key West residents. There’s rarely a sense of urgency to certain things. Beer consumption is much more important than making beer bottles. Back to business… Basically the manufacturer can not keep up with sales. If you were to place an order for 25 cases (10 per case) of bottles today, you would be very lucky to get them in 75-90 days.

As far as pricing is concerned, we can’t even give you an accurate price due to the fluctuation of the dollar compared to the Euro. Here is an approximate estimate.  If you are looking to use the standard metal handle, the prepaid price as of 12-7-13 would fall in the $22 range, blank.  Add $2.75 for placing your logo in one color on one side.

These are another new style that is gaining a lot of popularity.

H2Go Growler

If you are considering a more traditional growler, prices fall in the $3 to $5 range, depending on a number of decorating options. This style can typically be produced in 3-4 weeks.

The other thing to consider is the fact that we are in the Midwest. Growlers are big and heavy.  Our shipping rates are most likely better than the competition.

We offer a number of diiferent style growlers as well, including this “Keg Growler”. This baby holds up to 2 liters and is priced between $35 and $45 each.

Keg GrowlersKeg Growler 2L

If you have a need for beer growlers, or other beverage supplies and you need a source that knows how to get the job done right and how to help you best represent your brand, contact: sales (at) professionalgifting.com.

Pricing on our assortment of Koch Growlers are as follows. All orders are subject to stock availability.

1 Liter bottles also available, 15 bottle minimum, $12 each, 150 minimum for printing. Here are a number of our custom growlers.