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Custom BB Puzzles and BB Games

One of the first games I played many years ago were the sealed round dishes that had the beads in them. The goal was to get all of the beads in the correct slot.


I am not sure how long ago someone did this, but they are now available as a promotional product where your logo can be featured.  Here are a few clever tag lines that can be used in your next promotion.

  1. Tired of rolling from one job to the next?
  2. Does your target keep moving around?
  3. Are you having trouble placing the right employee?
  4. Keep the ball rolling!!!


These are also available with a mailer packet.  It is padded and adds $.75 to the cost.  They are also made in the USA.

Pricing in general starts at $4.65 each, plus a $95 setup charge with a minimum order of 500 tins. Orders of 5000 pieces are closer to $3 each. Delivery time is approximately 2-3 weeks. Imported versions are quite a bit cheaper with a minimum order being 5000 tins.  Delivery time is 8-10 weeks after art approval.

For samples and additional information on this product, contact your PG sales associate or call 800-350-1796.

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