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Custom Bags

Custom bags are the second largest category in the promotional products industry and cover a wide array of items. Click the picture for a full idea of how promo products work

Top Categories

One of my favorites are the bright colors that come with our new felt line. These are guaranteed to pop your next promotion.

Felt Bags

We are also one of the few companies that make bags from scratch, using your material.  Some of these pouches are priced as low as just a few dollars. Custom cut and sew bags will set you apart from any other bags at the show.

Custom Bag Manufacturer
Custom Fabric Bank Bags

Probably the bags we print more than anything are Custom Grocery Totes. Below are links to all of the primary categories.

Custom Grocery Totes
Custom Tote bags
Custom Duffel Bags
Custom Backpacks
Custom Briefcases
Custom Cinch Bags
My Favorite Cooler

Contact your Professional Gifting sales associate for more information and samples.

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