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You could not talk about custom packaging without discussing bags.  After being in the packaging business for so long, I had never sold these fine sheer bags.  They are best known as Organza Bags.  I am currently working on a project for a client that will be giving out lottery tickets with a copy of a famous Christmas movie by Frank Capra called “It’s a wonderful life”, staring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed.  When you purchase “X” amount of lottery tickets, you receive this nice metallic bag with stuffing, a lotto ticket scraper and a copy of the movie.  The icing on the cake is that there is a custom hang tag that says To: and From:.


Organza Bags come in all shapes and sizes.  If quantities are high enough you can import them in custom colors as well.  I have seen them also silk screened but again, I really like the hang tag.  Importing will be another discussion that would likely take up a weeks worth of posts.


Let’s just touch base for a minute regarding custom hang tags.  A simple hang tag can cost anywhere from five cents to five dollars.  Think about it.  Look at the hang tags when you buy a piece of Coach, Tommy Bahama, Nike, etc.  I remember there have been a few brands that used key chains as hang tags.  Why do companies do this?  To create a “High Perceived Value”.  Lets just start calling this the HPV factor.  Hang tags can be used for almost anything.  My favorite is Tee Shirts.  Tee shirts, when ordering as few as 100 pieces can be purchased for as little as $4 each.  Create a great design and add a nice hang tag and you can be selling it for $19.95 each.  Hand them out bulk in a box and you will be lucky to get $10 each.  All because of packaging.

The ideas found here can be further discussed by contacting  If you ever have a custom project where you need to get the project done right the first time, please drop us a line.

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