Custom Artwork


Almost any company can slap a logo on a tee shirt and get the job done on time.  But did you know that Harley Davidsons branded materials, such as tee shirts and jackets generate more revenue for them than their motorcycles do?

The question you should be considering when ordering logo apparel is…  How can I get the person that I am giving this piece to, want to wear it twice a week?  There are 3 ways.

  1. For employee gear you can make it a rule.  Don’t we all need another rule to follow?
  2. Use high end and brand name products.
  3. Make your artwork so cool that they make sure it gets thrown in the wash every week.

By spending a little extra on your artwork, you create much more than just a tee shirt.  You enhance your brand which helps make your product more desirable than your competitors.  When you want your brand to really pop, start with your artwork.

Below are just a few designs that we have put together for our clients. And even more can be viewed here.







When it comes to designing your custom logo, we use a systematic approach that will give you numerous options to choose from.

For new ideas on how we can make your brand POP, contact your PG sales associate.

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