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Custom Acrylic Cases – Sport Cases

Acrylic is another one of those materials where numerous customizations can be used.


Our raffle drawing rotating drums are available in 2 different sizes and are equipped with a hinged door and locking clasp.  The gravity feed bulk dispenser is one of our many stock items that introduce specialty displays without limitations.  Our furniture line is unique and has functional designs with the best quality of acrylic.  Our acrylic podium gives any environment a clean polished look.  The football case is one of our many stock sport cases.  They have an attractive base and offer the option of a back mirror for further enhancement.  Ballot boxes are another strong mover.  They are compact and efficient for collecting confidential information.  The airplane design is just one of the many custom awards that we’ve created for our many clients.  All items are priced differently based on quantity and how you would like it customized.  When you are ready to try something a little different, contact us through email at

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