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Closeouts 1st quarter 2013

Closeouts can be a great value. But at what cost? What are the pros and cons of the beloved “CLOSE OUT”?

  • The tough part is that you can’t get enough stock in every size/color.
  • You have the rest of the country competing to get their order in before stock shrivels up.
  • You will likely not be able to get additional stock, therefore your team will slowly but surely be in non-matching garments.

Most import is… Why were they discontinued? They could have been priced to high; they could have been a horrendous color; they could have fit people poorly; they could have had quality issues; or they could have just been down right UGLY!!!

In regards to the PRO side of closeouts? They can be cheap.

Here is a current brochure with a few closeouts. Best bet is to give us a call, tell us what kind of product you are looking for and we will source a couple options.  But you better hurry!!!

Closeout Totes
Drinkware on Clearance
Apparel Closeouts (sorry, we need to price these out)
Awards and Crystal Closeouts


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