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Having sold pens for over 18 years, I know far more about them than the average citizen would ever want to cloud thier brains with. Regardless, the writing instrument is one of the largest categories in the industry.


In celebration of the “cheap pen”, we are offering our highest quantity pricing for the lowest quantity order on all of our pens under $1.00.


Be sure to remember, while these are stylish and inexpensive, these are more suitable for job fairs or college recruiting.  If you ever are working with decision makers, you really should consider brands such as Pentel, Pilot, BIC or Papermate.

Brand name pens typically have specials during the course of the year and you will end up with a pen that will be kept and approeciated.


When asked… Which one is your favorite?  I clearly choose the Energel by Pentel.  Starting price for these is $3.29 each and we are offering them on special for $2.25 with a minimum order of 250 pens.  This also includes a 2 color logo.

When it comes to pens, be sure to contact one of our experts at Professional Gifting.

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  1. Nichole Kinghorn

    Can I get a sample of the Pentel Energel pen item BL77N-AI?

    Mailing address is:
    Nichole Kinghorn
    First Merchants Trust Company
    200 E. Jackson St.
    4th Floor
    Muncie, IN 47305

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