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Ceramic Stainless Mugs and more

If you were not aware, the promotional product sales is an 18 billion dollar industry.  These numbers are acrued primarily by the spending of approximately 20,000 promotional product distributors throughout the country.  Below is a breakdown of the approximate per item percentages.


As you can see, drinkware takes up around 5 1/2% of that total spend.  Thats over a billion dollars.  These numbers do not include the volumes pushed directly through manufacturers.  These orders are typically $500,000 or more.

This segment will revolve around some of the more unique styles of tumblers that are currently on the market and a few ways that your organization can utilize them.  The most recent trend has been in combining finishes.  One of the richest looks in my opinion is combining ceramics and stainless steel.



This is clearly an executive look and holds up great.  An average price would fall in the $8.00 range.  This would include a 1 color logo.

Lets talk a minute about price ranges.  When looking at high end mugs such as these, you may be able to order them in as few as 50 or 72 pieces, however a more common minimum order for mugs is 144.  Standard mugs are packed 36 to a case while tumblers are 24 to a case. 

When ordering them, particularly if you order a lot, there are a few downfalls that you can expect.  First, be sure that you ask for inside delivery when placing your order.  Unless you have a full fledged shipping department with a loading dock and forklift, many manufacturers use freight companies that will only back up the truck.  This is a nightmare if you are in a multi-story building.  Another thing you can expect is breakage.  If the vendor uses UPS, they allow for up to a 45″ drop.  You will lose some of your mugs if you ship by UPS.  With that in mind, here is another unique design that can save a shipping weight and breakage.


The fusion tumbler is a combination of acrylic and stainless.  Again, priced in the $6.50 to $7.50 range with a 1 color imprint, this piece does a great job in displaying your corporate colors.  One additional use of tumblers is that they can be used for packaging compressed tee shirts or any other item that would fit.

Another great item for anyone in customer service are the Bling mugs and particularly the ones with mirrors.


When it comes to customer service, it is a great idea for the CSR to be smiling while he or she is on the phone.  This is a great example of how a promotional product can help improve moral… service… and the overall experience your customer has with your company.  If your CSR’s are virtual and spread throughout the country, this is the perfect opportunity to send some fat mail.  Package this item in a nice box, using tissue paper with your corporate colors and let us design a complete program for you that will also tell the recipient how important they are to your company.


Since we are talking about packaging, here are a few designs that are great for the road warrior.  The first one with a screw off bottom is an ideal way to deliver a special suprise to the recipient.  The second is a new style for traveling tea drinkers and the third is designed to be sure you don’t lose your keys when you go to the nearest Starbucks to fill up.

Remember that when it comes to utilizing promotional products, it is best to use a professional that has a clue about how to use these items.  For a detailed analysis on how we can be assisting your company, or for free samples to qualified buyers, drop us a note at