New Ideas

Cell Phone Socks

People are always looking for the latest ideas that are gender neutral, yet cost effective.  Enter the Cell Phone Sock.


I was recently at the auto show and my 13 year old son was quick to grab one and  I was quick to follow his lead.  After doing a little bit of research, I was surprised to see that for a fairly basic design, the price was in the $2.00 range.  The style shown above comes with a blank lanyard and fairly heavy duty carabiner clip.  I also liked the low minimum of 300 pieces.  

Then I started to think about the other possibilities.  They can be hooked on to a purse, on to your jeans or briefcase.  You could include a number of small items inserted into the pouch.  How’s this for a promotion.

Send out a direct mail piece prior to the show with a consecutively numbered card.  By stoping by your corporate booth, they will receive a free gift (which would be the cell phone holder) and if the number matches they win an i-phone.


There are a number of syles to choose from as well.  If quantities are over 5000 pieces, we can even use a custom PMS match on the yarn.  The piece below was customised with a woven label on the side.


A few other benefits of this particular piece is that you are able to customize the cello packaging, you can add an info card inside the cell phone sock and I was also surprised that it expanded to a size that accomodated Adams Nintendo DS.

Contact us today for samples.  If you are looking for other options, be sure to contact your PG Sales associate.