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Picture Frame Mouse Pads

Picture Frame Mouse Pads (Professional Gifting)

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Custom Power Banks – Mobile Phone Chargers

Custom Power Banks and Mobile Phone Chargers are some of the most popular and powerful premium items on the market today. While there are dozens of styles and options to choose from, let’s start with some stats…


The number of times the average person checks their phone each day


Percentage of smartphone users whose battery dies by 4:00 p.m. every day


The number of hours the average person spends on their phone for fun each day

* See more stats on this Mobile Technology Fact Sheet from the Pew Research Center *

Let’s face it…  if your phone or device loses power, there’s not always going to be an outlet nearby to recharge it. And even if there is, you probably don’t have the time to remain stationary while you wait for it to charge and get on with your day.

In cases like these… power banks can be an extremely useful tool to have on you. But just how much power do you really need?

Comparing Battery Life
Battery life can vary widely in smartphones and tablets, so it’s helpful to know how much energy the batteries in popular devices can store. Look for the abbreviation mAh as a measure of how much energy a battery can store – and understand that a charger’s stated mAh never is fully transferred to an attached device, because chargers require a percentage of their own battery capacity to operate.

Battery Capacity of common devices

Browse a variety of styles and options here and RECHARGE YOUR BRAND!

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Custom Power Banks

Portable power is the fastest growing segment in the promotional products arena. They are being used for all sorts of sports and activities ranging from recharging your phone or GoPro, to running electronics on your bike, to STARTING YOUR CAR???

SRAM PowerBox

These little juice factories are going to found everywhere in the years to come.

Here are some of our latest ideas.

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Top Technology Ideas

Over the last 10-15 years we have sold hundreds of thousands of flash drives. The only negative about them is that if you lose it, you lose your information. Click here for the latest in custom Power Chargers, a comparison chart between standard flash drives and the new Cloud Drives and a number of best sellers. Top Technology Promotional Ideas

Here is a short video explaining how the Cloud Drive works.

Call your Professional Gifting salesperson for additional information.

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Video Business Cards and Packaging

One of the latest presentation products we have started producing are video business cards, packaging inserts and video books. These are ideal for companies that have a complex or very personal message to tell. We are seeing them being used with technology companies, non profits and numerous other applications.

There are a multiple of different screen sizes and pricing does fluctuate based on raw component costs changing.

One non profit had a number of kids that were benefactors of donations record a personal message to the donors.

Video Business CardsVideo Book Mailer Video Box Presentation Packaging Video Greeting Card Video Invitation 1 Video Post Card
If you are looking for something that would be similar but more budget oriented, you might consider using a web key or a web button.  This is a devise when plugged in, launches you immediately to a pre determined web site, YouTube video or any URL.

Custom Web Keys

Custom Web Button

Contact your Professional Gifting sales associate for firm pricing and additional information.

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Zipper Ear Buds and Lanyards

Zipper Ear Buds are the latest in high tech audio.  Prices range from $7-$11 and come in 5 different colors. We have a number of creative packaging options as well.

Zipper ear Buds
Custom Ear Buds

logo included zip up ear buds WZ9A9619-L Zipper Ear Buds zipper Earbuds

The Zipper lanyards are priced between $.90 and $1.50. Here is a full array of custom printed lanyards, but if you want to save time, just pick up the phone.

Zipper Lanyards

Contact your Professional Gifting sales associate for additional information and samples.

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Custom Tablet Cases

With new items constantly hitting the promotional products market, one of the hottest items that our clients give away are tablets.  these can be Ipads, Kindle, Nook or a number of other tablets that we carry. The problem is that there is no place to decorate them with company branding.

custom kindle tablet case customized tablet case personalized kindle tablet case Custom Tablet Cases Kindle

The styles above is one of my favorites, simply because you can do a full 4 color process cover on leather. Minimum order is 50 units.  Prices range between $40 and $60, depending on quantity.

If you are looking for additional options that offer a lower price and faster delivery, see option links below

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3
Option 4
Option 5
Option 6
Option 7
Option 8
Option 9
Option 10

As always, when you need a specific item, contact your Professional Gifting sales associate for additional options.

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