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Hold Everything Magnets

Now here’s a Powerful Promo Pick you simply DO NOT want to miss!

Proof that size doesn’t always matter… We’d like to introduce you to one of our favorite new promotional ideas… Hold Everything Magnets!

Hold Everything Magnets (Professional Gifting)

These ceramic magnets have such a wow factor that they get used for years and continue to keep your logo visible on a permanent basis.

In addition to being extremely functional and useful, they’re also completely universal! So they’re the perfect promo item for just about any audience, industry, gender, age, race, etc. Practical in any setting and across all professions!

Hold documents, calendars, metal items, memos, drawings, pictures, notes, and other important items on whiteboards, filing cabinets, fridges and other ferrous metal surfaces.

Hold Everything Magnets filing cabinet post-it pad paper clips (Professional Gifting)

Great trade show giveaway, leave behind, or conversation starter for use in the office, around the house, at school, in the garage, at work or play.

Did we mention they’re even strong enough to hold your hand together?!

Permanent Super Strong Custom Magnets

Make sure to ask us about special pricing too!

Just email us with your contact info and the quantity you’d like us to quote!


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Picture Frame Mouse Pads

Picture Frame Mouse Pads (Professional Gifting)

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Brand Boosting Journals & Notebooks

Full-Coverage Deboss:

Don’t limit your image to a small branding area. With our full-coverage debossed option, you can use the entire cover to get your message across.
Create your own design or choose from one of our many pre-designed templates.

Full Coverage Debossed Journals by Professional Gifting

Belly Bands:

Add a colorful finishing touch to your journal gift giving with a customized belly band branded in 4-color process. Here are some design ideas to get you started.

Belly Bands by Professional Gifting

Liner Pages:

Add a customized single or double liner page branded in 4-color process then glued to the inside cover or first page for an enlarged, colorful message, advertisement or reference point.
Click here to see design ideas.

Liner Pages by Professional Gifting


Contact your PG Sales Rep today to discuss the journals from this product line, and learn about some of the other creative solutions we have to offer.


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Creative Calendars

People will be recognizing your brand all year long with these creative calendars!

Origami Calendar

Origami Calendar 4280 (Professional Gifting)

Easy to fold shapes that you add to the monthly images create dimensional pictures.
There are 6 additional sheets added to the back of the calendar with the various shapes.
Functional and fun all in one.

  • Origami paper included in the calendar
  • Includes instructions to fold each shape
  • Top Markets: retail, financial, insurance

Picture Flip Mood Calendar

Flip Mood Calendar 4285 (Professional Gifting)

Choose the image that fits your mood.
The images are independent of the monthly grid allowing you to change the picture as often as you want.

  • Same ad message prints on both sides of tent mount
  • Top markets:retail, health care, insurance

Picture Flip Destinations Calendar

Flip Destinations Calendar 4286 (Professional Gifting)

Where would you like to be?
The alluring destination images are independent of the monthly grid allowing you to change the picture as often as you want.

  • Same ad message prints on both sides of tent mount
  • Top markets: insurance, retail, health care

Moments in Motion with Pixaction

Moments in Motion with Pixaction Calendar 4290 (Professional Gifting)

Combine your calendar with technology.
Simply download the app, scan the image and watch the images come to life.

  • Download Pixaction from your App Store
  • Top markets: retail, technology, financial

Coaster Desktop Calendar

A unique way to display your imprint all year! 6-coasters with one-month on each side.

  • Full color, 4/c process, imprint available at no additional charge
  • Stand holds 6 coasters, 1-month on each side
  • Top markets: retail, insurance, financial

Robot Calendar

Some assembly is required with these fun die cut robot personalities. Punch out each monthly robot as time passes or put them all together at once. These little robots are sure to get attention where ever you place them.

  • Assembly is required but that’s the fun part! Put them together all at once or month by month
  • Calendar comes as a pad with a cover and 12 die-cut sheets
  • Top markets: technology, retail, communications

Personalized Name Calendars

These are definitely at the top of our list of most favorite products.
Who doesn’t like seeing their name embedded into pictures in unique and clever ways?
While we have a few different product lines offering this type of item, here’s a handful of options to get you started… or you can go to this link and check it out for yourself by creating a live preview using your very own name!


Contact your PG Sales Rep today to discuss these styles and some of the other creative solutions we have to offer.


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Write On!

Writing instruments are the most popular promotional product used by virtually every business across the globe. The cost-per-impression is a fraction of a cent and they’re used frequently throughout the day, keeping your message visible for maximum brand exposure.
While there are thousands of options to choose from, we’d like to share a few of our favorites for 2015… Enjoy!

Tutto Pen/Highlighter/Stylus

Plastic with clear tip highlighter and soft capacitive stylus. Transparent tip allows you to see what you are highlighting Contains a semi-gel erasable ink refill and an eraser.

Archer Ballpoint Pen

Pen clip attaches to side of journals!

FriXion Ball Clicker by Pilot

• Writes Smooth, Erases Clean
• Combines the convenience of a retractable with incredible FriXion erasable gel ink
• Erase and rewrite repeatedly without damaging documents. No wear or tear!
• Eraser is at the top of the pen, tip is retractable by pressing clip down
• Unique thermo-sensitive gel ink formula disappears with erasing friction*
• Retractable & refillable • Fine point (0.7mm)

FriXion Ball Clicker Pen by Pilot (Professional Gifting)

Phone Holder Stylus Pen

This four-in-one stylus/holder/cleaner/writing device does it all! Includes twist-action fine black ballpoint pen, capacitive touch rubber stylus, microfiber screen cleaner, and adjustable clip designed to hold your smart phone in portrait mode.

Phone Holder Stylus Pen (Professional Gifting)

Stylus Pens with Screen Cleaner Clips

What more could you want?

Stylus Pens with Screen Cleaner Clips (Professional Gifting)


Mop Topper™ Stylus Pen

  • ABS plastic click-action ballpoint pen with smiley face, tie-shaped clip and mop-top hair
  • Soft silicone tip for use with touchscreen devices
  • Microfiber hair can be used as a screen cleaner
  • Patent pending


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Best Eco Friendly Idea of 2014

I recently attended the Chicago ASI show and I really feel like I walked away with a winner idea.

Best Eco Friendly Idea 2014

While available in a number of different canisters, I was really drawn to the Wooden Cubes. Priced at under $10 each, these allow for a full color wrap in larger quantities, but you can do as few as 100 units with a laser engraved logo.

Seed selections include, Sunflower, Violet, Daisy, Wild Rose, Forget Me Not, Basil, Lavender, Strawberry, Chili and Mint. We also carry a holiday collection which includes Evergreen and Lucky Clover.

For more information, pricing and samples, contact your Professional Gifting sales associate.

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Jumbo Post it Notes

I couldn’t help myself.
These jumbo pads (maxi pads 🙂 ) are the latest in ways to draw peoples attention to the work you do.

Available in 3 sizes, 15 3/4 x 15 3/4, 11 3/4 x 11 3/4 and 8 x 8, these will add to your training and presentation. It’s just a great way to share ideas.

Contact your Professional Gifting sales associate for pricing and samples.

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Custom Keurig Coffee Makers

Are you looking for ways to reward your best customers? Or bring a new client on board?  We have recently obtained the rights to create custom Keurig® coffee makers.

Custom Keurig Coffee Makers

There are a number of ways to make the program work. With a 1 piece minimum for the coffee maker, there is no project too small. The coffee maker can be logo’d or remain blank. These are ideal for office environments and are especially good for realtors, appraisers, the insurance and mortgage industry, to name a few. To top it off, you can also provide custom coffee cups individually or in cases. This is like a permission slip to stop in whenever you are in the area. Be sure to include one of your personalized post it notes.

Keurig Cups

These are the types of ideas that allow you to stay in front of your customer all the time. You will be amazed when your customers coffee cups run out. You will be receiving calls instead of making them.

Custom Keurig Gift Sets

There are a number of gift kits we can also design. For more information, contact your Professional Gifting salesperson.


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Better than a Business Card

With all of the challenges that limit personal contact anymore, there are a number of ways that you can still stay in front of your customer. These are one of the better options for business cards.

Post It Business cards

By ordering each account representative 50, 25 sheet pads, they get 1250 personalized sheets that can be used to include in mailings or whenever you have stopped by their home or office. The minimum order varies between vendors, but in most cases we can do either 250 or 500 pads.  There is a copy change charge of $16.50 per change.

While these are great to help build rapport with customers, it can also act as a great HR tool. If you have been on the job more than “X” amount of time…. You receive your set.

If you have a crazy budget, try out this VIDEO BUSINESS CARD!!!

Post it notes are still a great way to get your message across. An average of 4 people see each individual note.

Contact your Professional Gifting sales associate for more information.

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Seeded Plantable Gifts

Have you seen these card gifts yet? We are in the development phase of a similar product as the one below. Pricing will fall in the $10-$12 range. We don’t have samples available yet, but hope to have soon. Contact Ken for additional information.


We recently came across a similar product that is a little more simplistic and more budget oriented. This 4″ x 6″ x 3/4″ box comes with a full color lid decoration and an interior label as well.

Custom seed box grow kit

Here is what it looks like the day it was planted.

Start Week 1

Here it is after 1 week.

Week 2

Here is is after week 2.


More to follow:

We accept all major credit cards

contact professional gifting