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Bulk USB Drives – Review

When purchasing large quantities of USB drives, you have a number of options.  First you need to answer a few questions.

  • Do Ineed to have a logo on it?
  • What memory capacity do I need?
  • Do I want to have data pre-loaded on to the drive?
  • Would I like it to automatically launch to my website?
  • Do I want to have a widget built into it?
  • Do I need a gift box?
  • Do I want to include extras such as a key chain or lanyard?
  • How quickly do I need them?
  • Do I care what color it is?
  • Will I need to reorder in the future and have the same items?

These are the majority of questions you might ask… I am sure there are additional variables, but this should get you started.  Here are my recommendations.


If you need to buy something right now, this is the best source.  There is no salesperson required and you can do a totally custom piece, with a logo on one side and a personalization on the second side.  There is no setup charge, no run charge and no minimum order.  You will pay a small premium, but your order will ship in 3 days.

If your order is for more than 25 pieces, and you really like these features, your best bet is to call us and we can likely save you 25%.

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