New Ideas

Brand Charger

One of the best new products I’ve found is the Custom Mobile  Charging unit. Priced at under $20, it is one of the most useful tools to keep in your car. I’m not sure what happens to all of my chargers, but I also have 3 kids.

The custom branded oval insert lights up and your logo is displayed constantly. There are no batteries to change either. The blister pack packaging also gives a retail look, which further builds your brand credibility. Additional information can be found here for USA and here for European countries., but for the best service and creative ideas, contact your Professional Gifting associate for additional information and samples.

This item was one of the New Product Showcase winners at the ASI show this fall. With it’s standard 5 attachments and the optional Apple adapter, it makes this unit the ultimate Lighted Auto Power Cord. There are a number of multi port auto chargers on the market, but none that offer the great printing location.

There are other Auto Charging Units available with customization, bu the quality and packaging is not as nice.