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Bottle Glorifiers – Review – POS

One of the projects I am working on with a number of beverage companies are a new item called Bottle Glorifiers.  They also go by the name… Lighted Bottle Coaster”.  This is one of the best ways to gain brand recognition in both on-premise and off premise markets.  Pricing can be as low as $2.95 each!!!          Picture this…

You walk into a nightclub and the place is hopping.  Although it is dimmly lit, you notice people with these funky lit up drinks at the bar.  All you know is that you want one!!!

Use them when the drink is delivered, or use them as you serve drinks at the bar.  There is one thing I promise, people will ask if they can take them or buy them.

OK… so much for the sales pitch…  Here is the reality…  We can do as few as 1000 pieces with a custom logo.  Price falls in the $6.50 range.  The only negative is… there is a limited imprint area on the side, of a little less than 1/2″.  So a bulky logo wont fly.  You could actually have some printing done on the lens, but you itr would be best around the border, as not to dim the light.

We also carry a very similar item called the Sticky Bottoms coaster, but you have to have the exact right size bottle for it to fit in it.  Another term is a flashing coaster… You have many choices when customizing these.  You can use a white light or one that changes color periodically.  Some of them can be programed to flash to a very forceful beat.

One of the things we are constantly working on are designing new ideas for your product.  Here is one item that we are real excited about.  While we are already making the LED coasters for sporting teams and colleges, we are in the design process of using the LED below and incorporating it into a bottle glorifier.

This is the perfect way to co-brand your product with any other organization!!!  Are you kidding me!!! What better way to drive sales.  We also carry bottle hangers if you are thinking more about a gift with purchase program.  Prices are going to fall in the $7.00 range for smaller quantities of 1000 pieces.

OK….  Not everything about these can be great.  The prices shown reflect the use of batteries and there are a 3 different grades that come out of China.  You will want to choose based on your planned usage.  Another option is to power theses units.  It adds about $5 to the price, but if you intend on using it as a permanent display or having us incorporate this into a point of sale piece, the plug in unit is a must.

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Ken Reinstrom has been serving corporations since 1992 and is the reigning ASI Salesperson of the year.