New Ideas

Boost Moral with 4 Color Process Note Pads, Low minimum, Great Price

Regardless of what everyone says about going paperless, Post-it Notes are still a driving favorite item for both at home consumers or business people. Here is how our featured product works.

Order as few as 250 pads and divide the order into 5, 50 piece orders for your different associates or employees. For as little as $55 per employee, or a total order of $266 plus shipping and tax if applicable, you can give 5 different personalized gifts. In higher quantities the price can actually go down to $32 per 50 pads.

These are really ideal for:

  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • As Safety Awards
  • Meeting Sales Quotas
  • Gifts for clients that have recently purchased from you
Be sure to contact our sales staff if you ever need a creative idea for your next project.