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Better than a Business Card

With all of the challenges that limit personal contact anymore, there are a number of ways that you can still stay in front of your customer. These are one of the better options for business cards.

Post It Business cards

By ordering each account representative 50, 25 sheet pads, they get 1250 personalized sheets that can be used to include in mailings or whenever you have stopped by their home or office. The minimum order varies between vendors, but in most cases we can do either 250 or 500 pads.  There is a copy change charge of $16.50 per change.

While these are great to help build rapport with customers, it can also act as a great HR tool. If you have been on the job more than “X” amount of time…. You receive your set.

If you have a crazy budget, try out this VIDEO BUSINESS CARD!!!

Post it notes are still a great way to get your message across. An average of 4 people see each individual note.

Contact your Professional Gifting sales associate for more information.

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