New Ideas

Best Ideas of 2015

Every year new products become available and here are a few of my favorites.

Coasters are an item that are used in the office and the home.  With much of the latest in 4 color process printing, these can really tell a story.  Whether it be historical renderings of your years in business? Or perhaps a feature product that you want to share every year. They also make a great “Gift with Purchase” or gift shop item. Low minimums give flexibility for the smallest budgets as well.

Custom Coasters


Is your company growing? Do you need a creative mailer to talk about recycling, sustainability or opportunities to grow sales? Bulky mail should be a part of your overall marketing mix. Here is just one favorite.

Growing Ideas

These can be used in many categories, ranging from best boss gifts, to anything for the food / sampling industry. Minimum order is 1 piece.  Allow 3 weeks for delivery if customized.

Party Bar Cooler
The square flask is another cool way too package your favorite beverage.  Minimum order is 72 units and price falls under $10 each.

Water Bottle Flask
Next, power chargers come in all shapes and sizes and are basically used 2 ways.  First, the users battery is running low and they do not want to lose the connection, so they add power for immediate use. Second, There is no local power and the user wants to be powered up before their next use.  This size shown works best when the power is needed immediately. Please remember, we have hundreds of shapes and sizes of these that fit all needs. In many cases we can ship custom product in 2 days.

Custom Power Chargers - Triangular

I will be updating this over the next few weeks.  Please check back.

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