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Liquor USB-Beer USB

Are you a beverage supplier?  Does your product come in a liquid form?  If so, this new item is one of the best delivery tools to share valuable data with your client base. 

This is the perfect way to leave your full presentation for sales people at a meeting, an ideal format to give clients your artwork and brand information or even a number of recipes that support your product.  There are even ways to insert floaters.  You just might want to add an olive?

Other applications could include destination specific ideas.  Are you planning an incentive travel program that will be in the Caribbean?  Lets do blue liquid with your logo floating inside.  Did I mention that these also considered very eco friendly?  This green promotional idea can save tons of paper.

As far as pricing is concerned, it all depends on quantity and the amount of memory you need.  The smallest memory size available is 128mb, which fall in the $13 range.  The 2GB models are closer to $18.

We offer the largest selection of Flash Drives, USB People, USB Robots, Custom Widgets, Liquid mouse and electronic USB promotional ideas.  Here is a link that will show a small selection of our product offerings.  We also have a great source that does personalized jump drives with quantities as low as 1.  When looking for a creative promotional product in the area of jump drives, give us a call at 800-350-1796.   We have a great idea waiting for you.

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