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Beer Bottle Bank

Beer Banks are the latest in promotional ideas that are geared toward the Craft Beer industry. We believe this design will become the next generation beer growler. Ideal for on premise serving, this takes away the worry of breaking your glass growler.

Similar beer bottle coin banks have been made up for Budweiser and a number of the Coors beer products.

Measuring approximately 14″ tall and holding slightly over 64 ounces, we can brand this item a number of different ways. The most cost effective method is by doing a direct pad print on the bottle. Maybe a more favorable option would be to use a decal.  This approach allows for a massive 14″ x 5.5″ wrap around decal.  Perfect for adding the government warning label and even better yet for co-branding. You can even do something similar to the ones found at Kegworks and do a custom die cut label. Best of all, it can be used for saving for your next refill.

The only negative is that the caps are not designed for storing beer for long periods of time.

In regards to pricing, we will do minimum orders of 50 units for existing clients, otherwise you need to do at least 100 units. An approximate price range would be between $8 per bottle and $5 per bottle, plus setup charges.

As a supplier/manufacturer of custom beer growlers that are priced as low as $3 each, bottle glorifierscustom bar coasters and all sorts of glassware and barware, you can be assured that you will find the most unique ideas through Professional Gifting. Be sure to chat or ask for Ken at extension 101 to discuss pricing and getting samples in your hands.

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