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A Special Rose Presentation

One of our latest finds is this special packaging for roses. These are ideal for welcome gifts in rooms or better yet, as an exit gift for any event. Most of the time you will find these at large weddings, sporting events for ladies, Race for the cure banquets or any type of large anniversary.


Here are a couple of things to remember. The minimum order for a totally customized box is 1000 units. Production time is 6 to 8 weeks. Pricing for a minimum order falls in the $8 each price range.

The next closest thing I’ve seen over the years are a product called Speaking Roses.┬áIf you want to save a few dollars and don’t mind being a little corny, you might use this speaking rose stem where you can record your own message. You will really need to keep a straight face when you present this to your honey.

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