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7 Steps to get the sale

Did you know that approximately 95% of the people you are trying to sell your product or service to either know they are not interested, don’t think they are interested or are just not thinking about your product or service. That leaves you a measly 5% of your target audience. With only 5% of the people being ready to buy, how do we get the right buyer at the right time? The answer is… EDUCATION!!!


The question remains… How do I educate my prospect without a 5 or 6 figure budget? Marketers will tell you that consistency is the key to effective marketing and we certainly agree. These options include magazine and newspaper advertisement, billboards, Web Advertising, TV and Radio spots to name a few. But those still require a sizable investment and once my budget runs out, I am no longer visible.  The ideas below are tested, cost effective and will guarantee results.

  1. Provide information to your clients that educate them.
  2. Use email programs such as Constant Contact or Exact Target.
  3. Define a list of 100 to 250 prospects that will be our focus.
  4. Create a “Lumpy Fat Mail” campaign for these prospects.
  5. Create a marketing calendar.
  6. Follow up religiously.
  7. Keep your list clean.

In an article by Ethan Black of Target Marketing Magazine, Lee Marc Stein, a Philadelphia–based direct marketing consultant, copywriter and author of “Street Smart Direct Marketing” goes through a list of 5 Must Know Facts About E-Mail and Direct Mail.

These services can be done internally or can be outsourced. The key is to design a system that runs automatically.

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